State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

1 April 2016

The works of art created by Anna Petrovna are closely connected with Pskov area. Living in immigration, she spent almost every summer in Pechory District.This exhibition is an opportunity for museum visitors to learn about the Russian border area life in early 20th century.

Giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition Olga Vasilyeva, an art historian, mentioned the significance and the influence of Russian artistic society on the life of Estonia.

-“The Black Rose” artistic society, created in 1920 became a significant phenomenon. Anna Kalashnikova-Root was one of its organizers. We should mention that the works of art created by the artist are still highly valued in Estonia. This was proved by the exhibition “Russian Art in Estonia in the 20th Century”, which was organized in the town of Valga (Estonia) a year ago. The exhibition featured the paintings of Russian artists created in 1940-s. The paintings created byAnna Kalashnikova-Root occupied a significant place among them.  

At the end of last year, when the History Museum of the town of Pechory was opened, the visitors expressed their hope that the museum would become the center of cultural life of the town and the area. The new exhibition is an important step toward this noble goal.  

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