State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

11 March 2016

One of the exciting surprises during the concert program will be the performance of A Russian Forest duet by Stanislav Ryzhov and Konstantin Ababkov (the Leader of the “Skaz” Ensemble). 

-“We started this project several years ago. It is aimed at showing all the possibilities of a Russian balalaika, - comments Konstantin, “That is why we play all kinds of music from rock'n'roll to jazz. All of them are easy to recognize. We hope that the audience will sing along with the popular music we play.”

It should be mentioned that this Maslenitsa “Skaz” Ensemble will be working very hard. On Saturday (March 12) the musicians will be performing in St. Petersburg. The very next day (on March 13) they will be performing at the culmination of the Maslenitsa festivities in Izborsk.

The program will start at 13.10 – directly in the Museum Square.

Some background information about “Skaz” Russian Folk Music Ensemble: The group was formed by Vitaliy Rumiantsev in 1977. Shortly thereafter the ensemble adopted his name. In 1979 the ensemble was given the honorary title of “People’s Ensemble. Starting in 2007 the musicians were headed by Konstantin Ababkov, the recipient of the “The Soul of The Pskov Area -2009” Award. He is a noted professional musician and a virtuoso Russian folk instrument player. In 2013 the ensemble was part of Pskov delegation to town of Herford in The U.K. during the International Hanseatic Days. There, also, it was decided to hold this international event in Pskov in 2019. 

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