State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

3 March 2016

Maslenitsa is the tastiest word in Russia. When hearing it one imagines nourishing pancakes with various types of filling such as caviar, jam, honey, meat and sour cream.

Seto People have been living side by side with Russians since long ago. They have their own original ethnic cuisine with recipes of dishes traditional to this holiday.

From March 7 to March 13 we would like to invite everybody to The Seto People’s Homestead Museum in Sigovo Village during Maslenitsa (Pancake) Week. You will be able to learn about The Seto People’s traditions of celebrating Maslenitsa.

All week long visitors will be offered:

- To take part in master classes in cooking traditional Seto cheese (please call in advance).

- To learn how Seto People celebrate Maslenitsa.

- To hear ancient fairytales of The Seto People preserved by local inhabitants.

-To try delicious pastries and tea, prepared according to The Seto People’s old recipes.

On Tuesday 8 March everybody is welcome to take part in a master class to learn how to cook typical thick pancakes. There you will learn how traditional Seto Peoples pancakes differ from traditional Russian pancakes (Blini).

 – Let’s make thick pancakes all day long!

On March 13 you are welcome to come to Izborsk to take part in the Maslenitsa festivities. You will be offered to sample both traditional Russia and Seto dishes.

Come to The Seto People’s Homestead Museum to celebrate Maslenitsa with us! You will have a lot of fun and a full stomach!

For additional information, please call 8 (81148) 96-696 (Izborsk), 89113853461 (Sigovo Village).

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