State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»
18 February 2016

Despite the fact that it looks simple national Seto people cuisine can surprise any gourmet.

Malle Bogachova, the curator of the ethnographical Seto people homestead museum is absolutely convinced about that and ready to prove it.

The main peculiarity of Seto people’s cuisine is its nourishing quality. This is simply explained: every member of the peasant’s family has to work a lot. That is why the food had to be very nourishing. And this is true about any dish! If they cook cabbage they always add pearl barley to it. And no pea soup will be good without it.  

- Traditional Seto cheese with caraway is cooked without adding pearl barley to it, but it turns out to be very nourishing as well – the hostess continues, - And that happens because when the cottage cheese is heated butter is added to it. The mixture becomes homogeneous and the cheese is served when it is still warm.

Pies with onion, carrot, pumpkin filling were especially popular in Seto families. All the ingredients are the same as 100 or 200 years ago: Seto people use what they have grown, caught or picked up in the forest. It is important to add that one can try all these dishes when visiting Sigivo.  

And of course traditional for Maslenitsa Festivities Seto pancakes will be served. 

- This year Maslenitsa Festivities will take place from March 7 to March 13. We are always happy to receive guests. This time we will make a fire outside and cook special Seto cracknels in the open fire – they come out very tasty. – Malle adds. – Those who don’t believe should come and check for themselves.

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