State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

3 February 2016

The beginning of this large scale initiative coincides withthe opening of the INSTAGRAM account of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. 

Now every guest can share photos and impressions received during his or her visit to Izborsk - this unique place in the Russian North West. There is one more reason for Izborsk tobe present in this popular social networking website

Not only is Izborsk considered to be the center of regional event tourism but also the unofficial capital of cinematography of North West of Russia. 

Movies, considered with good reason, to be the classics of Russian cinematography have been shot here in Izborsk. They include among others: “Andrey Rublev” by Andrey Tarkovskiy,  “Zvezda planitel’nogo schastya” (“Joy’s Star”)  by Vladimir Motyl’ and “Prazdnik Neptuna” (“Neptune’s Feast”) by Yuriy Maimin. Last year Izborsk fortress was turned into the film set for the new historical movie “Stena” (“The Wall”) shot by Dmitriy Meskhiev . The movie is based on the novel by Vladimir Medynskiy . The premiere of this movie is expected to be held in 2016.  We hope that the cinematographic career of Izborsk will continue.

Instagram photos of The Izborsk Museum Reserve depicting the most interesting events held here will help everyone including modern movie producers to learn about this wonderful place.  And once more everyone will hear in Izborsk: “Camera… Action!”

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