State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»
29 January 2016

Today (29.01.2016) the exhibition entitled “The Dear Ideal of Tatyana” will be opened in the Museum of History of the Town of Pechory. It will feature 19 unique lithographs created by the outstanding soviet graphic artist Lidiya Timoshenko.  The lithographs are part of Pskov Museum Reserve’s collection. 

According to the curator of the exhibition, Olga Vasilyeva, the head of the Funds and Research Department of Pskov Museum Reserve, “the artist has created two absolutely different in style series of illustrations for Alexander Pushkin’s novel Eugine Onegin.

-The first series was created in oil in 1940’s.  The second series was created in the 1960s using a coloured lithograph technique.  The second series is especially outstanding since some lithographs are very powerful artistically. 

It is also important to point out that Pushkin’s novel has not often been illustrated properly. Many artists illustrate not Pushkin’s novel itself, but the opera created by P. Tchaikovsky, which is quitedifferent. The lithographs by Lydia Timoshenko are very serious and full of deep respect for Pushkin. They deserve our fullest attention.

A tradition existed during Soviet times to study the novel Eugene Onegin in schools in February, concurring with the days of the commemoration of the poet. That is why the museum staff are sure that the exhibition will become popular among schoolchildren of the town.  

Lidiya Timoshenko received her artistic education in 1923–1928 at The  State Industrial School. After she graduated she became a member of the artists union known as “The Circle of Artists”.  In 1932–1935 she continued her education in the Post Graduate School of The Russian Academy of Arts.  Starting from 1938 she worked in the experimental lithographic workshop of the Union of Artists of Saint Petersburg. Timoshenko took part in many group exhibitions,among them  are exhibitions in the State Russian Museum (1934),  The Royal Academy of Arts in London  (1946), The State Tretyakov Gallery and The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (1946–1947, 1955). Some of her lithographs are part of the collection of Pskov Museum Reserve.


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