State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

22 December 2015

Dear guests of Izborsk Museum Reserve. You are welcome to visit the exhibition entitled “Merchant Shvedov’s shop” located in Merchant Shvedov’s house (Pechorskaya str., 32).

The exhibition is dedicated to trades traditional for Izborsk and craftsmen who were living in Izborsk in early XX-th century:  carpenters, woodworkers, shoemakers, tailors, blacksmiths.

Such cabinetmakers as Sergey Klishko and Ivan Haan used to live and work in Izborsk. Many young men from Izborsk and its vicinities used to study carpentry, such as Pavel Voronkov, Sergey Horlunov, Vasiliy Voronkov, Nikolay Mel’nikov, Petr Savostkin, Sergey Kokorev.  Theyalsobecamegreatmasters.  

Many families from Izborsk vicinities were engaged in basket weaving. Shoemakingwasalsowidelyspread.SeveralshoemakingshopswerelocatedinIzborsk. The quality and the fineness of shoes made in Izborsk were very high. Shoes made in Izbork were equal in quality to shoes made in big cities.

IntheXX-thcenturytrainingcourseswereorganizedbytheCulturalandEducationalsocietywhichusedtoexistinIzborsk.Tradesmen’sCooperativesocietieswereorganized as well.  

The exhibition features objects from museum funds of Izborsk Museum Reserve: furniture and home decorations of a merchant’s shop, chests, carpenters’ tools, which used to belong to the Kokorev’s family, scales, a collection of baskets made of pine splint, a sewing machine and a shoe making machine, a collection of wooden shoe lasts,cow leather boots, cloths with printed patterns, woodenware and many other interesting objects.

The exhibition is open for visitors from 10.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.

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