State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»
15 July 2015

On July 13 at 14.00 an exhibition of Japanese painting was opened in Izborsk State Museum-Reserve of History, Architecture and Land in Merchant Shvedov’s Estate in Pechorskaya str.32. Paintings by Irina Levashova comprised the exhibition «The magic Japanese Ink».  

Irina Levashova is a bright Moscow artist, restorer and representative of decorativism. Several artistic trends are combined in Irina’s creative work. Each of them enriches the other and enables the artist to preserve creative tones and find new unusual directions and technical methods. Birds and flowers, animals, fans, post cards, sikisi and tandsaku.

Japanese art Insumi-e or Suibokuga technique demands a long period of studying and practicing. The technical peculiarities of this type of graphic art are special and are quite unlike European and Russian traditions. Rhythm, which the hand of the artist follows, is like the rhythm of life – flesh like and instantaneous. It can be compared to fresco technique, which also demands quick and exact strokes of the brush which cannot be corrected.
The motifs of Japanese art illustrate the philosophy of Zen Buddhism according to which each element of nature is the whole world. Simple black lines on white paper can represent a complicated model. Similarly in Zen several words said can be the result of many hours of deep meditation.  
Most of Irina’s paintings have been inspired by Japanese poetry like the poetry of the Medieval poet Sikisi.  
Peony which symbolizes the Emperor's power and wealth and also is the embodiment of spring and womanly virtue has an important role in Irina’s creative work.

Although Irina follows general stylistic practices she has her own creative approach and creates a synthesis of graphic, artistic and restoration which produces unexpected and interesting results and enables the author to feel creative freedom. 

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