State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

12 December 2014

January 2 «The cooking of Granny Kulaots».  You are welcome to try dishes of Seto people cuisine.   

“Blinnaya” (“Pancakes”) museum cafe 10.00-17.00

January 3 «The music will fill the hearts».  

A concert of classical music  Merchant Belyanin’s house 15.00

January 4 «Travelling from Izborsk to Tsargrad on the New Year’s eve».

You are welcome to come and play a game which will enable you to learn many interesting historical facts  Merchant Anisimov’s house 12.00 and 14.00

January 5 «A Christmas master class».

You are welcome to come and make a Christmas tree decoration with us and decorate the museum’s Christmas tree with it.             Merchant Shvedov’s house  10.00-17.00

January 6 «Christmas Eve».

You are welcome to try Christmas Eve food at Museum’s “Blinnaya” (“Pancaces”) cafe 10.00-16.00        

A master class in creating the symbols of Christmas   Merchant Shvedov’s house 10.00- 16.00

January 7 Christmas  Festive church service at St. Nicholas cathedral   00.00-04.00 

Excursions in Izborsk and museum’ exhibitions 10.00-16.00

January 8 «The winter has come to the Setomaa - the kingdom of Seto people».

Getting acquainted with the history and traditions of Seto people. Festive dishes of traditional Seto cuisine. Master classes in braiding, knitting and weaving           

Sigovo village, Seto People’s Homestead Museum 13.00

January 9 «In the snow pile of adventures».

Games and entertainment in the open air for the whole family. You are welcome to come and feed the birds.

 “The entertainment garden” of “Blinnaya” (“Pancakes”) museum’s café  13.00

January 10-11 «Decorating a tablecloth in Christmas style».

A master class in printing patterns on cloth, the traditional Izborsk craft. Come and create your own masterpiece.           Merchant Shvedov’s house  10.00-17.00

January 13 «St. Basil’s day».

Celebrating the coming of the New Year the way Seto people do it

Sigovo village, Seto People's Homestead Museum 13.00


«The chronicle of Slavonic-Russian town of Izborsk: from the beginning of Russia to the battle of Poltava»

«Izborsk chamber of Russian literature and Orthodox faith»

«Russian people and Seto people. One land – common history»

«Izborsk and the surrounding area – holy places for Russian culture »

Exhibitions :

«I love you, my ancient town…» - winter landscapes painted by P.Mel’nikov from the collection of “Izborsk” State Museum-Preserve.

«Standing on guard for Motherland» - lithographs of Russian fortresses by Ivan Seleznyov  (? - 1850) from the collections of “Tsarskoye Selo” State Museum-Preserve

Commemorating 100th anniversary of Archimandrite Alipiy (Voronov)

We are happy to offer our visitors:

Excursions in Izborsk and in the museum’s exhibitions

Horseback rides in the picturesque Izborsk-Mal’skaya valley

To visit the parapet of the fortress wall, the secret passage to the water and the view platform of Lukovka tower.

To try traditional Izborsk dishes and pancakes in “Blinnaya” (“Pancakes”) museum café.

The museum is open from 10.00 to 17.00, closed on January 1

If you’d like us to organize an excursion for you, please, call 8(81148) 96-602

If you’d like to book a room in the museum’s Guest House, please, call  8(81148) 96-612

“Blinnaya” (“Pancakes”) museum café  8(81148) 96-713

Horseback rides 8(964) 316-63-93

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