State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

18 February 2014

On March 2, at 13.00, after the Sunday service in St. Nicholas cathedral the festive program «The Olympic Pancake Sunday!»  (Maslenitsa)  will start in the museum quarter in Pechorskaya Street. There will be performances of Russian folk music ensemble “Skaz”, named after V. Rumiantsev; the ensemble of folk singing “Zabava” and also of Konstantin Ababkov and Tatyana Arsentyeva, the holders of the honorary title “The Soul of Pskov Land”.

A competition for the top prize – a bag of flour - will be held.

Various festive events will take place.                                     

 «Visiting Seto people» - providing an opportunity of trying traditional Seto people dishes and buying souvenirs, produced by them. Merchant Shvedov’s house.

«Pancake Sunday’s luck» - all the visitors of the museum’s exhibitions will get gifts. Merchant Anisimov’s house.

 «A Medieval Yard» - shooting with bows and arbalests, getting photographed in medieval armor.  The yard of Merchant Anisimov’s house.

 «Pancake Sunday festivities in an estate house. How at all used to be» - The mode of life of people, living in small towns. The performances of Natalya Zhdanova (piano) and Dmitriy Zhdanov (cello) – the winners of international competitions; Sergеy Kurochkin (violin) – a member of Pskov symphony orchestra. 13.00 -14.00  Merchant Belyanin’s house.

«Pancake Sunday – means eating a lot of pancakes!»  - festivities, where guests will be treated to pancakes and different food and entertained by a garmon (Russian button accordion) player.  “Blinnaya” (“Pancakes”) museum’s café 

 «We have been waiting for the Pancake Sunday» - a game program in the children’s ground in “The Entertainment Garden”. 13.00 – 15.00 

   «Pancakes Sunday disco from DJ Matryona Sidorovna» 15.00 – 16.00 “The Entertainment Garden”

The burning of the straw effigy of Maslenitsa in a bonfire – at 15.00!

Meet the Spring in Izborsk!  

                              If you have any questions, please, call: 8(81148) 96 602, 8(81148) 96 696

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