State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

10 July 2020

On July 14 St. Isaak’s Cathedral Museum Monument and Izborsk State Reserve for History, Architecture and Land will hold a presentation of the Russian language edition of the book about Yurii Pavlovich Spegal’skiy (1909 – 1969), written by Larry W. Cothren, a researcher from Australia. 

The presentation will be held in Izborsk Museum Reserve with few people attending and with the observance of the rules set by The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumers Protection. After the event the video of the presentation will be available on the websites of St. Isaak’s Cathedral Museum Monument and of Izborsk Museum Reserve. 

About the book

The life and destiny of an outstanding architect and restorer Yurii Spegal’skiy attracted the attention of the young Russianist from Southern Australia in 1980-s. Over a quarter of a century the researcher was working at the monumental creative biography of Spegal’skii. 

On the year of the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory we will be happy to present the Russian language edition of the book “Outcast visionary. Yurii Pavlovich Spegal’skii and the Reconstruction of Pskov”. The name of the book does not reflect its contents in full. According to Yurii Mudrov, the Director of St. Isaak’s Cathedral Museum Monument and the scientific redactor of the Russian language edition, the life of Yurii Pavlovich Spegal’skii who was born in Pskov “was both in the book and in the reality divided into two unequal halves - his life in Pskov and his life in Leningrad. But excluding one of them or lessening its significance would make the book of Larry Cothren less convincing”. 

The extreme worry for the fate of the monuments and marks of vanishing Pskov during the post-revolutionary time, the horribleness of the Siege of Leningrad and heavy feelings about the fate of the besieged city, the catastrophic damage the Nazis had caused to both Pskov and Leningrad (St. Petersburg) were injures not only to the soul of the great master of restoration, a citizen and a patriot. His health was undermined.  He died full of years. But all he had achieved became a breeding ground for the revival of rich cultural heritage…”. 

We want to especially mention the big chapters of the book named “Surviving the War”(“The Siege of Leningrad”, “The End of the Siege of Leningrad”) and “The Outcast Visionary in Leningrad in 1947-1969”, that contain a lot of information about the work of Jurii Spegel’skii as a restorer and a steeplejack in Leningrad during the Blockade and after the War. 

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