State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

17 May 2020

This year Izborsk State Museum-Reserve of History, Architecture and Land will be organizing the event “Donating to the Museum” for the 20th time.

We are proud that our museum’s collection, except the archaeological collection, mostly consists of objects donated to the museum by the people.

In 2020 the number of objects in our museum has increased by 177 objects.  137 of them have been donated to the museum, 40 objects have been bought.

New arrivals are represented by paintings and works of graphic art, printed materials, furniture and interior decorations, photographic documents and the collection of objects dating back to late 19th – early 20th century belonging to the culture of small in number Seto people.

With the financial support of the Reserve Fund of the Governor of the Pskov Region M.Y. Vedernikov and the State Programme “The culture, the preservation of the cultural heritage and the development of tourism in the territory of the Pskov Region” Izborsk Museum Reserve has been able to acquire a traditional Seto woman’s dress, consisting of a linen shirt called a Hammeh and a sarafan called a Kitasnik, as well as a  head dress called a Linik, loom woven towels for decorating icons called Puhaserat, festive woven towels, a chest of drawers, a chair, a table, shelves, a chandelier, a wall clock, a tea and coffee set and a cache-pot.

The collection of the Great Patriotic War objects occupies a special place in our museum. It includes letters written by people from Izborsk, identification documents of Red Army soldiers, "killed in action" notices, Soviet and German agitprop posters, ration cards,  photographs, personal things of front line soldiers, Soviet and German banknotes >>>>>>

Over 200 specimens of minerals have become part of Izborsk Museum’s collection in recent years. Many of them are part of the exhibition entitled «Talisman stones of Izborsk Museum Reserve». 

The number of Izborsk Museum’s friends is now more than 200 people and we are very grateful to them.

The main part of the collection of Izborsk State Museum Reserve includes objects of archaeology received from the Institute of Archaeology of Russian Academy for Sciences. The museum’s archaeological collection counts about 55 thousand objects. All of them are included into the State part of the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation >>>>>>>>

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