State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

6 May 2020

People living in Izborsk were engaged with their everyday affairs when they heard about the beginning of the war. Many people when this happened were at the local club watching the movie "Tractor Drivers".

Izborsk was occupied by the Nazi invaders already on July 7, 1941. A new special order  was established by the Nazis here - all local people received new documents, that replaced their passports and had to labour for the Nazis. Fierce fighting was going on in the vicinities of Izborsk.

Izborsk was liberated from the Nazis on July 30, 1944...

We are preserving the memory of those years, that is materialized in letters and photographs, documents and objects discovered by search teams.

An exhibition, entitled "The Memory of the Heart" is located in merchant Belyanin's house. 

The exhibition is dedicated to the history of Izborsk area during the Great Patriotic War. It features objects from the funds of Izborsk State Museum Reserve  and from the War and History Museum Reserve of the Pskov Region (Ostrov).

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