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17 March 2020

An exhibition of paintings created by an Estonian artist Imby Kruuv and entitled “The Observers” was opened on March 17 in the Museum of History of Pechory.


Imby Kruuv got inspiration to create the paintings during a trip to Pskov that started 50 years ago and has not finished yet. For the first time Imby, who was then 10 years old, visited Pskov in 1968. She and her relatives came by a motor boat. It was an unforgettable journey that resulted in a whole album of photos. Those photos are demonstrated to the visitors in a format of a video film at the exhibition.  

In 2018 the artist came back to Pskov alone, took walks and drew sketches.

Imby herself says the following about Pskov: “Pskov is a place that opens up to you slowly but you can fall in love with it. Being in Pskov and visiting churches and monasteries, I realize that it is not me who is the observer; it is me who is observed.

The exhibition “The Observers” is a wonderful example of contemporary art. It has had a great success in Estonia. We are grateful to Pskov Chancery of the Consulate General of Estonia for the opportunity to organize this exhibition for the first time in Russia!

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