State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

12 February 2020

The 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference entitled “Churches in Rural areas. Not forgotten” will be held in Izborsk State Museum Reserve and in its brunch “The Museum of History of Pechory” on March 17–18, 2020. The conference will be dedicated to the Year of Memory and Glory, to the 800th anniversary of the saint Russian prince Aleksander Nevskiy (born about 1220 – 1263), the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Russian printing pioneer Ivan Fyodorov (born about 1520 – 1583), to the 120th anniversary since the birth of a philologist, an archaeographer, the creator of the archive of Pskov Museum Reserve Leonid Alekseyevich Tvorogov (1900—1978).

The conference will be held together with the Workshop of Church and Historical Painting of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The following topics are offered for discussion at the conference:

-  The history of rural churches;

-  The role of rural churches in the cultural life and the development of the region;

-  The role of rural churches in the education of children and young people;

-  The perpetuation of the memory of the architectural and spiritual centers of rural areas, that were destroyed during the years of militant atheism;

-  Cultural and legal aspects of the life of rural churches;

-  Rural churches as objects of religious, event and cultural tourism.

The sessions and events of the conference:

March 17  – Izborsk State Museum Reserve

-  The plenary session “The zealots of rural churches in Russia”.

March 18 марта– The Museum of History of Pechory.

-  The plenary session “The Rural Power of the Spirit”

The following topics are offered for discussion:

-  Rural churches at the turning points of Russian history;

-  Pedagogical and artistic heritage of rural churches;

-  Rural churches and the implementation of the Law of the Russian Federation on Return of property of religious character held by the state to religious communities (2010);

-  Functioning rural churches: educational activities carried out by them in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

If you want to raise a new question for discussion in the framework of the announced topics you are welcome. It is possible to take part in the conference without making a report but providing presentational materials.  

The Organizers of the Conference:

–  Izborsk State Museum Reserve of History, Architecture and Land;

–  The Workshop of Historical and Religious Painting of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Application rules

Please send your application and the text of your report to the Organizing Committee of the Conference before March 1, 2020. Sending your application by email, please write CX-20 in the subject line of your letter. Please, don’t forget to provide us with the following information:

-  Your full name;

–  Your scientific degree and academic title;

–  The organization you represent and your position there;

–  Your address and telephone number;

–  Your E-mail;

–  The plenary meeting you are going to take part in;

–  The topic of your report.

At the conference you will be provided with a notebook computer, an overhead projector and a screen.  Please inform us in advance if you need other equipment.

The article should meet the following general requirements:

We plan to publish the proceedings of the conference. Articles should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Degree Commission of the Russian Federation. The name of the article, the summary, the key words and information about the author should be presented in Russian and English. The Proceedings of the Conference will be included into Russian Science Citation Index.

Please send your article to us before April 15, 2020. Articles that arrive after this date will be published in the next Conference Proceedings.

The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to publish the articles that do not correspond to the topic of the conference or do not meet the requirements mentioned here.

Contact information

  • Izborsk Museum Reserve (Pechorskaya str, 39) –+7 (81148)96-696 (tel./fax);
  • Izborsk Museum’s Guest House for room reservation (Shkol’naya str., 3) –+7 (81148)96-696 or +7 (81148) 96-612;
  • Izborsk Museum’s Café (Moskovskaya str., 10) –+7 (81148) 96-696 or +7 (81148) 96-713.
  • If you want us to organize a guided tour or an interactive programme for you, please call: +7 (81148) 96-602.


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