State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

20 January 2020

Pavel Dmitriyevich Mel’nikov, a talented landscape painter was born on January 20, 1907/.

With great love he painted ancient stone walls and towers of Izborsk fortress, churches, conveying the breathtaking beauty and the quietness of the streets of the ancient town at different times of the year, choosing various viewpoints for his landscapes.

Pavel Dmitriyevich was born in Izborsk in a family of peasants. He started to paint when he was 13 and was given oil paints as a present for his birthday. He took his first steps in painting under the guidance of his school art teacher Nikolay Ivanovich Makarovskiy (a brother of Aleksander Makarovskiy, an outstanding Izborsk teacher, a local lore historian and the president of Izborsk cultural and educational society).

 All his life Pavel Dmitriyevich used to study and educated himself acquiring knowledge from books on history and art history. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Pavel Dmitriyevich joined the army. He was wounded two times and was several times operated on. 

He came back to Izborsk in 1944, at the beginning of November. He was able to paint again and that was a real happiness for him. Pavel Dmitriyevich made a valuable contribution to not only art but to the history of the ancient Russian town as well.

Now over 60 paintings created by P.D.Mel’nikov are part of the collection of Izborsk Museum Reserve. Some of them visitors can always see in the historical exhibition “The Chronicle of ancient Izborsk: from the beginning of Russia to the Battle of Poltava” (Izborsk, Pechorskaya str., 41 a). Some of the artist’s paintings can be seen at the temporary exhibitions at the exposition “Izborsk – holy places for Russian culture” (Izborsk, Pechorskaya str., 39).


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