State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

16 January 2020

An exhibition entitled “Children draw and paint in St. Isaac’s Cathedral” will be opened in the Museum of History of Pechory on January 16.

The exhibition will feature the best paintings and drawings of children who took part in the festival organized by St. Isaac's Cathedral State Museum and Monument in 2018. The year of 2018 was a jubilee year for St. Isaac's Cathedral. The Cathedral was celebrating the 2018th anniversary since the beginning of its construction. The festival was dedicated to this anniversary and was held in a form of a master class. After receiving all the necessary materials for drawing and painting, the participants found their places inside St. Isaak’s Cathedral. Getting inspiration from the wonderful creation of outstanding architects, sculptors, stonemasons and artists of the 19th century the children immersed themselves into the process of creation. Among the participants of the event there were pupils of boarding schools for orphan children and pupils of comprehensive schools, students of art schools and children with motor and visual disabilities.

The exhibition also features photographs of the participants of the festival taken in different years when the festival was held.

A presentation of the book “St. Right-Believing Prince Aleksander Nevskiy in the iconography of St. Isaak’s Cathedral”, dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the birth of the prince, will also be held.

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