State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

19 October 2019

The Minister for Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinskiy has recently said: “Russian museums have long turned from places for storing ancient objects and artifacts into the places for education and popularization of our outstanding history and culture”.

One never stops admiring the talents and skills of people of older generations. This is demonstrated by ethnography items of the small in number Seto People, that recently became part of the collection of Izborsk State Museum Reserve.  The new items that make history tangible date back to late 19th - the first half of the 20th century.  They are:

-traditional women’s suit components - Hammẽh (a linen shirt), Kitasnik (a sarafan), Linik (a head dress);


-Pühaserätt (towels for icons) created with the use of a unique weaving technique;
-woven towels for festive occasions embroidered and decorated with laces;


- a wooden hand made chest decorated with wonderful carving.

All together the new collection includes 27 items. It was acquired with the money allocated from the reserve fund of the Governor of the Pskov Region Mikhail Vedernikov. Very soon the new exhibits will be located in the exhibition rooms of Izborsk Museum.

The Administration and the team of Izborsk Museum Reserve are grateful to the Governor of the Pskov Region Mikhail Yurievich Vedernikov for his support in the preservation of the culture of small in number Seto People.

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