State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

19 October 2019

A lot has been written about Izborsk, its ancient history, fortifications, architecture and nature.

Nikolay Petrovich Drozdov has written about Izborsk people.

Nikolay Petrovich has been living in Izborsk all his life. When he was a seven year old boy his father went to the war. Nikolay Petrovich lived through the occupation time, when Izborsk was occupied by the Nazis. He remembered very well how when the war was over the veterans of the war used to meet in their house sharing their recollections with each other…

All he had lived through Nikolay Petrovich described in his book “It Happened the Following Way”.

He became an invaluable assistant in the creation of a new exhibition entitled “The Memory of the Heart”.

We would like to invite everybody to attend the exhibition rooms “Izborsk and its Vicinities – Holy Places for Russian Culture” to get acquainted with the new exhibition “The Memory of the Heart”.

We will be happy to see you in Izborsk, Pechorskaya str., 39.

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