State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

12 June 2019


The exhibition dedicated to Viktor Muizhel (1880-1924) has been opened in the museum’s information center.

The exhibition features the writer’s real family photos and documents, as well as his manuscripts and print publications of early 20thcentury.

A number of photos of famous writers (Leonid Andreyev, Ivan Rukavishnikov, Aleksander Seraphimovich, Sergey Naidyonov, Evgeniy Chirikov and other writers) with their autographs, dedicated to Muizhel, are of special interest.

Viktor Muizhel loved Pechory. He used to come to Pechory in summer and used to live in a wooden house in Bazarnaya square (this house has not survived), later on in a house in Staiye Bytirki street (today this street is called Mezhdunarodnaya street). In 1912 Muizhel and his family moved to Pechory. Here he wrote a two volume novel “The Year” and stories “The House in the Square” and “The Teacher”. The writer and his family were living in the stone house with a pyramid shaped tower in Pskovskaya street.

In 1912 he wrote to his friends: “I am working so much that I am afraid that we will soon be out of paper in our small town”.  

Writers Leonid Andreyev, Kuprin, Korolenko used to send letters to Muizhel living in Pechory, some of them used to visit him here. Writer Kuprin visited Muizhel in 1908 and 1909.

In 1914 Viktor Muizhel moved to Petrograd where he continued writing. The period of his life in Pechory was the time when he created his best literary works, most of them were dedicated to the life of peasants in villages. In the pre-revolutionary Russia Muizhel was considered to be one of the best writers who described the life of Russian villages.

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