State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

10 June 2019

A linguistic summer camp for children has started its work for the twelfth time. Traditionally it is organized in the territory of Seto People Homestead Museum in Sigovo Village (The branch of Izborsk State Museum Reserve for History, Architecture and Land).

This year children who study in School in Panikovich Village will take part in the activities of the summer camp, staying in Seto People Homestead Museum during the day.

Seto People don’t have written language. Therefore, children study Seto language learning about everyday life and national folklore – the songs, games and dances of Seto People. Guided tours of Seto People Homestead Museum will be organized as well as master classes in preparing the dishes of traditional Seto People cuisine, in plaiting belts and printing patterns on cloth. Children will learn about the traditions of agriculture and stage performances based on national Seto fairytales. On June 17 the children will take part in Seto People national celebration, called “Kirmash”, dedicated to the Day of the Holy Spirit.


The work of the summer camp is financed from the State Programme entitled “Culture, Preservation of the Cultural Heritage and the Development of Tourism in the Territory of the Pskov Region”.

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