State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

19 April 2019

Lithographs by Yuriy Spegal’skiy from the collection of Izborsk State Museum Reserve of History, Architecture and Land are exhibited in St.Petersburg.


Today, on the International Day for Monuments and Sites an exhibition entitled “Created in blockaded Leningrad” has been opened in State Museum-Monument St Isaac’s Cathedral with the participation of Izborsk State Museum Reserve.


Yuriy Pavlovich Spegal’skiy (1909–1969) was an outstanding connoisseur of ancient Pskov, an architect, restorer, scientist and artist. In 1941 – 1942 in blockaded Leningrad Yuriy Spegal’skiy created a series of drawings-reconstructions of ancient monuments of architecture entitled “In 17th century Pskov”. 


After the war Yuriy Pavlovich Spegal’skiy created a general project of planning of the demolished town. It is hard to underestimate his contribution into the formation and development of the architectural appearance of the town. Due to the architect’s persistence and determination the cultural and historical environment of the town, that had been forming during many centuries, was preserved.

The visitors of St. Isaac’s Cathedral will be able to see picturesque corners of the ancient town, the Trinity Cathedral, Gremyachaya Tower, Men’shikov’s Chambers, Dovmont;s Town, churches and other historical objects of the town, depicted in the lithographs that were created in 1960-s.

The exhibition is open for visitors until May 14, 2019.

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