State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

20 February 2019

The exhibition of traditional Seto socks “Soki ja põlvigu (Socks and High Knee Socks)”in Seto People Homestead Museum in Sigovo Village.

The exhibition features socks knitted by Seto women in accordance with the traditions of Seto People. Most of the exhibits demonstrate the patterns that, as Seto women say, bring you good luck, love, prosperity or improve your health.

Every Thursday and Friday you can learn to knit warm socks with a pattern selected individually for you at Seto People Homestead Museum. After the master class, you will treat yourself to a piece of traditional Seto pie and herbal tea.

The cost of the master class equals the cost of the entrance ticket to the museum. It is 100 rubles for children and 200 rubles for adults. To get further information please call:  +7(911) 3853461

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