State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

6 February 2019

Why are swans called the symbol of true love?

When two swans who form a couple are separated they might even die. These beautiful white birds are a living symbol of happiness for people in love, an example of a pure, affectionate and long lasting relationship that lives through all the hardships of life.

The Guest House of Izborsk Museum Reserve is located in close proximity to the lake, where the most beautiful swans live!

We invite you to come and spend your weekend in Izborsk!

There will be a pleasant surprise for you!

Enjoy the lovely landscape and the view of the ancient fortress covered by snow, go to the lake to feed the swans and make a snowman! After a walk in the fresh air come to Izborsk Museum “Blinnaya” (Pancakes) café to get warm by the Russian stove and to try most delicious pancakes!

In order to book a room in our Guest House, please call us: 8(81148) 96-612

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