State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

11 January 2018

The Day of Reserves and National Parks is celebrated annually in Russia on January 11.

Russia boasts a very complex network of specially protected areas. These are territories and water bodies where one can find nature complexes and nature objects that have natural, scientific, cultural, aesthetic and recreational importance. These are territories that are protected by the State Law and their economic use is restricted or prohibited.   
  Russia’s specially protected areas include reserves, national parks, wildlife reserves, monuments of nature, arboretums and nature parks. They are divided into three categories: the monuments of federal, regional and local significance.

 Dear colleagues, please receive our sincere congratulations on your professional holiday!

  We wish you success and to be engaged in many new interesting and socially significant projects and events. Let there be many friends to nature parks and reserves who value highly the work you do.   

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