State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»
20 November 2017

November 23, 2017

10.30 –11.00 - registration of participants, a coffee break

11.00  – 13.00 - the morning session

A welcome speech from Natalia Dubrovskaya, the Director of Izborsk State Museum Reserve for History, Architecture and Land.

N.P. Dubrovskaya (Izborsk).  Izborsk as a unique object of cultural and nature heritage.

O.V. Sen’kin, A.A. Shebesta (St. Petersburg).  Unique nature objects along the ecological path in Izborsk Mal’skaya valley.

T.V. Mednikova (Pskov) Evgeniy (Bolkhovitinov) – the Archbishop of Pskov, Livland and Courland in 1816 – 1822. Dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Archbishop.

U.V. Mudrov (St. Petersburg).  Plein airs in Izborsk.

V.L. Mel’nikov (St. Petersburg). Nicholas Roerich and father superiors of Holy Assumption Pechory monastery.

A.G. Novozhilov (St. Petersburg).  The role of ethno-cultural factor in modern branding of Pskov-Pechory area.

E.O. Levshova (Izborsk) .  Izborsk and Hansa Union in the Middle Ages.

Bobrovskaya O.A. (Pskov).  Izborsk in the 19th – early 20th century, based on the documents from State Archive of the Pskov Region.

13.00 -14.00  lunch 

14:00 – 14:30 Transfer to the Museum of History of Pechory (Pechory).

The presentation of «Clinking of silver is like singing of Seto People» Exhibition in the Museum of History of Pechory

15.00 – 18.00 – the evening session

O.V. Kalinina (St. Petersburg).  The results of field studies of The Russian Museum of Ethnography in Pechory district of the Pskov Region in 2007– 2017. 

B.U. Borisov (Pskov).  Improving the level of literacy among “half believers” in Pskov-Pechory area in late 19th century.

Variksoo E.U. (Izborsk).  The singing festival in Pechory in 1939.

Achto Raudoya (Tartu).  Seto People architecture.


I.A. Galitskaya (Pskov) Peasant earrings in the collections of Pskov museums. 


Evar Riitsar (Obinitsa).  Seto silver decorations.

A.G. Manakov (Pskov).  The conditions for the formation of trans-boundary Russian-Estonian tourist-recreational region.

P.E. Suvorkov A.G. Manakov (Pskov).  The ethno-social portrait of Seto People living in Pechory area (based on the results of 2016 expedition).

November 24, 2017

10.30 –11.00 - registration of participants, a coffee break

11.00  – 13.00 the morning session

Kolosnitsyn P.P. (Novgorod).  Signs on the stone slabs by Truvor’s cross – markings for table games.

E.V. Goncharova, monk Andrey (Voevodin) (Pskov).  The noble family of Simanskys and Holy Assumption Pechory monastery. 

B.I. Bugrov (Izborsk).  The history of peasants of Izborsk Volost’ through the prism of the years of life of Kondratiy Bugrov.

D.S. Artamonov  (Pskov).  The construction of infrastructure objects for strengthening fortifications in Pskov district of Pechory Region in 1915-1918.

A.U. Ivanov (Pskov) .  Liberation of Izborsk from German-fascist invaders in 1944.

A.U. Ivanov (Pskov). «Motchilo» (a retting pond) in the vicinities of Izborsk.

S.A. Shein (Izborsk).  The archaeological collection of Izborsk: formation, preservation, prospects.

An excursion in the “Open History” exhibition.

13.00 – 14.00 – lunch

14.00–17.00 – the evening session.

V.A. Lileikina, V.A. Krivulia (Pskov).  A guided tour in Izborsk Mal’skaya valley.  

S.V. Fyodorov (Pskov).  Ecological and economic prospects of the use of hydrographical network of Pechory District.

N.A. Gradova (St. Petersburg).  Emotional and creative development as the foundation of life.

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