State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

21 October 2017

The Korsun Icon of the Mother of God, the Protector of the town, will be venerated in Izborsk on October 22.

According to the legend, an icon of the Mother of God was painted by St. Luke the Evangelist and was kept in the town of Ephesus. In 988 a copy of this icon was brought from the town of Korsun to Kiev by St. Equal to Apostles, Prince Vladimir and is now known as Korsun Icon. Later on the icon was brought to Novgorod and then – to Moscow where it was placed in the Assumption Church in the Kremlin. Another similar icon was brought from Greece to Russia in 1162 by St. Euphosynia of Polotsk. This icon belongs to the Eleusa type of depiction of the Virgin Mary.

This icon has been venerated in Izborsk since long ago. According to a legend, it once saved Izborsk from enemy invasion. Further the icon was helping people in various hardships. People in Izborsk remember how ten children were miraculously saved by the icon during the Great Patriotic War. The children were hiding inside the chapel of Korsun Icon during bombing and a gun shell damaged the roof of the chapel. A fragment of the shell was stuck in the icon, but the children stayed alive.

WeinviteeverybodytoattendthechurchserviceinSt.Nicholas Cathedral in Izborsk that will start at 9.00 a.m. The church service will be followed by a religious procession to the chapel of Korsun Icon.
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