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23 August 2017

     The exhibition, entitled «Clinking of silver is like singing of Seto People» will open in the Museum of History of Pechory on August 25. The exhibition features silver decorations and traditional Seto People costumes.  

Seto People are small in number. They call their Motherland Setomaa. Today Setomaa is located in the territory of Pechory District of the Pskov Region and in Southern Estonia. Seto People are Orthodox Christians, who carefully preserve their language and traditions.

The main holiday of Seto People is the Day of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, August 28. International Ethno-Cultural Festival of Seto People entitled «Setomaa. Family meetings» is organized annually on this day. Together with traditional Seto music one can hear clinking of silver decorations worn by Seto women.  

Thanks to the support of Pskov Regional Administration, the programme entitled “Culture, preservation of cultural heritage and tourism development in the territory of the Pskov Region in 2014-2020” we are able to annually organize a Summer linguistic camp for children in Sigovo Village and to create new museum exhibitions.

A traditional Seto People dress includes a brooch, called “”syl’g” with ornaments engraved and embossed, chains, necklaces with numerous noisy pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. Silver decorations together with a black sarafan, a linen shirt decorated with red and purple ornaments strike with their beauty.

Silver decorations have always played an important role in the life of Seto People. They were handed down from generation to generation and protected a Seto women from evil.  

Seto People’s beliefs and rites, connected with silver decorations, have been preserved. As Helju Mayak recollects, on the night before Christmas an unmarried girl used to put her silver decorations under her pillow. In the morning she would put her decorations into a pail of water and wash her face with this water, so that her face would always stay beautiful.  

Seto people say: «First, you hear a Seto woman and then you see her. Clinking of her silver decorations is like singing of Seto People.”

Please, come and see the exhibition «Clinking of silver is like singing of Seto People» in the Museum of History of Pechory!

We are always happy to see you in our museums!


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