State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

13 August 2017

The organizers of the Festival were The State Committee of the Pskov Region for Culture, Izborsk State Museum-Reserve of History, Architecture and Land and the center for historical projects “The Valour of Epochs”.

200 re-enactors from Belgorod, Vyborg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Pskov, and Russia’s neighbouring countries took part in the Festival.

The Festival’s programme was, as usual, full of events and very interesting.

At the opening ceremony the participants of the Festival were introduced to the audience.

A parade in historical costumes and armour was held.

The visitors of the Festival were able to enjoy tournaments with the participation of archers and equestrian contests.

A theatrical program “The 17th century in the history of Izborsk” became a bright event of the festival. The spectators were able to see a re-enactment of an episode from a 17th century battle and learn how a musquet and a cannon are handled.   

On the second day of the Festival an Equestrian Contest took place.

Everybody was able to buy souvenirs at a Medieval Trade Fair.



Children also had great fun. Interactive playgrounds for children were organized where they were able to participate in fights using special soft toy swords, imitations of medieval weapons. Children also enjoyed circle dances and medieval music, dancing with their parents. 

Two popular folk music groups - “Trikvetrum” from St. Petersburg and “Darkriver” from Vyborg – gave a concert of medieval music by the walls of Izborsk fortress. The concert was attended by a lot of people.

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