State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

29 May 2017

The exhibition of photographs from the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums has been opened in Izborsk State Museum Reserve of History, Architecture and Land in the framework of the Russian part of Fort Ross Dialogue, the international forum where Americans and Russians meet in a constructive atmosphere to encourage conversation and collaboration. The forum has been taking place in the USA since 2012.

There are three exhibition grounds in Izborsk. Merchant Belyanin’s house (the first floor rooms) is a venue for the exhibition of photographs of gifts from foreign rulers and ambassadors to Moscow tsars.  Located in close proximity to the North Western borders of Russia Izborsk has always had strong connections with neighboring countries. Presenting diplomatic gifts to the tsars used to be a common practice in Middle Ages and Early modern period. Among such gifts, there were ceremonial European silver objects, horse harness pieces, expensive weapons as well as exquisite golden and silver tableware and other objects of luxury.

The second floor of Merchant Belyanin’s house boasts the exhibition of ambrotype photos of objects from the State Armory in the Kremlin. To create those photos modern photographers used the optics and materials used in the 19th century. The glass plate with a photo was coated with lacquer and covered with another glass plate. Without access of air, the photograph could live a long life and therefore got the name “an immortal imprint”, from Greek ambrotos meaning immortal.

The exhibition includes photographs of Russian State regalia, the most ancient of them being the famous cap of Monomakh, ceremonial objects such as crowns, scepters, ceremonial collars, orbs, coronation robes and other symbols of the monarch’s power; unique objects from Fabergé collection.

Photographs exhibited inside Izborsk fortress feature ceremonial weapons. The collection of weapons of The Moscow Kremlin Armoury is one of the best known in the world. Its two main parts are “The Royal Armoury Chamber in the 17th century” and “Arms collection of the Russian Emperors of the 18th century”. There are also photographs of exhibits from the unique collection of military decorations of the Russian Empire, testifying about the heroic events in Russian history.

The Museum of History of Pechory houses an exhibition of photos of paintings depicting Moscow Kremlin in different seasons.

The exhibition of photographs from the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums is the main cultural event for not only the Pskov Region, but also for the North West of Russia. It continues the tradition of showing exhibits of the Moscow Kremlin Museums in different towns of Russia and near-abroad countries and is organized with the support of Transneft company.

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