State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»
11 February 2017

Izborsk Friday Historical Club meeting was held on February 9, 2017. It was dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of Valentina Dmitrievna Rozova, who dedicated nearly 40 years of her life to the restoration and preservation of historical and cultural heritage. 

Many people came to pay tribute to the memory of the first head of Izborsk Museum. Among them were her colleagues, who used to work with her in Izborsk library and later on in Izborsk museum, as well as her colleagues from Pskov Museum Reserve: Olga Anatolyevna Vasilyeva and Aleksandra Sergeyevna Grigoryeva. They talked about her with great love, emphasizing that Valentina Dmitrievna used to be a kind, warm-hearted person, happy in her profession and respected by colleagues.   

    The presentation made by Grushina Lubov’ Evgenyevna, Valentina Dmitrievna’s daughter, was especially touching: she presented photos from family archives.  

“Nadezhda” (“Hope”) Ensemble of Folk Singing performed Valentina Dmitrievna's favorite songs including the ones dedicated to Izborsk.  

Izborsk Museum Reserve organized an exhibition which included photographs, rare museum exhibits (for instance young Valentina’s school gradebook dating back to 1933-1940) and an electronic presentation of photographs from the museum’s archives and family archives of Izborsk people.  

People who stood at the origins of Izborsk Museum – N.S.Muhomorina, N.N.Ovchinnikova, local lore specialist N.P.Drozdov – shared great and valuable memories about Valentina Dmitrievna Rozova.  

Archaeologists P.G.Gaidukov, N.V.Lopatin and V.V.Sedov in their letter wrote about Valentina Dmitrievna’s valuable help during the work of the archaeological expedition on Truvor’s Ancient Settlement Site in 1970-1980-s.  

 We are very grateful to all the people who attended Izborsk Friday Historical Club meeting and shared their memories about the Person who dedicated her life to the restoration and preservation of historical and cultural heritage of ancient Izborsk and its vicinities.

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