State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

10 February 2017


We would like to invite everybody to visit Izborsk Friday Historical Club meeting. It will be held on February 9, 2017 at 14.00 p.m. in Merchant Belyanin’s house (Pechorskaya str. 39). This time the Historical Club meeting will be dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of Valentina Dmitrievna Rozova, who dedicated her life to the restoration and preservation of historical and cultural heritage of ancient Izborsk and its vicinities. 

This event is organized by Izborsk Museum Reserve together with Izborsk Library, the Branch of Pechory Central District Library and Izborsk School.

The visitors will be able to see photos, documents from Izborsk Museum’s collection and a presentation telling about Valentina Dmitrievna Rozova.   

Valentina Dmitrievna Rozova was born in Izborsk on February 2, 1927 into the Vlasovs family. Valentina Dmitrievna went to Izborsk Secondary School and graduated from it 1941 getting a certificate of good work and conduct. At the beginning of The Great Patriotic War the Vlasovs family were evacuated to Ermolovka Village in Omsk Region.  During the war Valentina Dmitrievna’s father served in Izborsk Destruction battalion.  

  When children of Leningrad Orphan Asylum were brought to Ermolovka in 1942 Valentina used to work there as a teacher till November 10, 1944.  The Vlasovs family returned to Izborsk only in January 1945.  On March 1945, Valentina started to work in Pechory Asylum. In 1949 she joined The Young Communist League (Komsomol). She used to carry out the duties of the secretary of the Primary Komsomol Organization of Pechory Asylum. In 1949 Valentina Dmitrievna started to work as a Young Pioneer leader in Izborsk school and took a correspondence course at Pskov Teacher's Training School. In 1953-1970 Valentina Dmitrievna used to work in Izborsk library where she organized Izborsk Friday Historical Club.

In 1964 Izborsk Museum was created on a voluntary basis where Valentina Dmitrievna became the Scientific Secretary.

  In 1970 Izborsk Museum became part of Pskov Museum Reserve. Valentina Dmitrievna became the head of Izborsk Branch of the Museum.  In 1971 Izborsk archaeological expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, headed by V.V.Sedov started its work in Izborsk. This started a new period in the life of Valentina Dmitrievna. She used to take an active part in scientific conferences, inviting linguists and ethnographers to do research in the area and collect new data for the museum. Valentina Dmitrievna used to bear responsibility for the storage of exhibits and for creating new museum exhibitions. Having worked for 22 years in the museum Valentina Dmitrievna together with her colleagues collected, described and systematized a great number of exhibits.   

Having selflessly worked in Izborsk Museum Valentina Dmitrievna created all the conditions for its becoming a big Museum Reserve, widely known in Russia and abroad.  


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