State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»
22 November 2016

In the framework of research and practical conference entitled “Izborsk and Region” we will hold  a presentation covering the book Archimandrite Alipiy (Voronov) and His Artistic Work by U.V.Mudrov and O.S.Savitskaya. 

The publication of this book is dedicated to the cherished memories of Archimandrite Alipiy (1914 - 1975) and art historian O.S.Savitskaya (1950 - 2013)
It is the first time when all the publications dedicated to the activities of Archimandrite Alipiy (Ivan Mikhailovich Voronov) in the sphere of culture and art are united into one book. It also contains descriptions and analysis of the precious artistic works from the collection of Archimandrite Alipiy which he passed over to museums. 
The appendix of the book contains the catalogue of Western European paintings from the collection of The Pskov Museum Reserve which was prepared for publication by O.S.Savitskaya in 1982 but was only published very recently. 

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