State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»
24 November 2016

November 23, 2016 

10.30 –11.00 – Registration 

11.00  – 13.00 - Morning session 

Welcome by N.P. Dubrovskaya, Director of The Izborsk State Museum-Reserve of History, Architecture and Land.

Dubrovskaya N.P. (Izborsk) The role of The Izborsk State Museum-Reserve in studying and preserving the historical and cultural heritage of Russia through the example of the new exhibitions of The Izborsk Museum-Reserve.

Levin N.F. (Pskov) Juriy Trusman in Izborsk and Region.

Zakurina T.U. (Pskov) Archaeological excavations by the walls of St. Nicholas Cathedral in The Izborsk Fortress.

Kharlashov B.N. (Pskov) Archaeological excavations of Ust’ Smolka burial ground in 2016.

Kolpakova U.V., Kostiychuk L.Y. (Pskov) Explaining the inscription on the Russian Old Believer’s Cross from Tartu.

Dobrulya E.V. (Izborsk) Stationary trade in Pskov according to the materials of the general inspection in 1876.

Smirnova M.N. (Izborsk) Report on master classes conducted in the museum’s workshop. 

13.00 The opening of the exhibition From the Depth of Ages which features paintings by students of The Art School (Pechorskaya str., 32, Merchant Shvedov’s house). 

A master class showing printing pattern techniques on cloth 

13.30 -14.30 - lunch 

14.30– 18.00 – Evening session

Grigoryeva E.A. (Izborsk) The industrial development of Izborsk and Region in the second half of the 19th century.

Denisova R.A. (Pskov) Izborsk and Region in pre-revolutionary publications which are part of the resources of The Pskov Regional Universal Scientific Library.  

Terenin U.N. (Pskov) Construction of fortifications in the vicinities of Izborsk in 1930-s (based on the research of documents in the National archive of contemporary history of the Pskov Region).

Artamonov D.S. (Pskov) The position Pskov (Izborsk) based on the results of archaeological excavations conducted in 2016.

Chernova L.I. (Izbrosk) «Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire» – the fate of the inhabitants of Izborsk and region in the period 1940 – 1950-s.

Galitskaya I.A. (Pskov) The medal in honor of engineer Bocharov.

Tatarnikov O.M. (Pskov), Sen’kin О. V., Shebesta А. А. (St.Petersburg) Oronyms in the vicinities of Izborsk-Mal’skaya valley.

Mudrova A.U. (St.Petersburg) Izborsk and Pechory in the creative work of artist Godlevskiy from St. Petersburg (1908 – 1998).

U.V.Mudrov and O.S.Savitskaya (St.Petersburg) Archimandrite Alipiy (Voronov) and His Artistic WorkThe presentation of the book

November 24, 2015 

10.30 –11.00 – Registration  

11.00  – 13.00 - Morning session

Bugrov B.I. (Izborsk) Were St. Equal to Apostles, Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir I the Сhristianiser of Kievan Rus born in Izborsk territories?

Sen’kin О. V., Shebesta А. А. (St. Petersburg) Concerning the connection between the topography and the underground waters of The Izborsk Mal’skaya Valley.

Ignatyeva Е. А. (Izborsk) Violations in the regime of the specially protected territory of the monument of nature of the Pskov Region “Izborsk-Mal’skaya Valley”.

Kal’chenko N.K. (Izborsk) The recreational digression of the cultural landscape of The Izborsk-Mal’skaya valley.

Lileikina V.A. (Pskov) Several objects of nature of The Izborsk-Mal’skaya Valley and the development of their infrastructure.

Lebedeva T.P. (St. Petersburg) Wild plants in the culture of Seto people. 

13.00 – 14.00 – lunch

14:00 – 14:30 - Transfer to the Museum of History in Pechory Town (Pechory) 

14.30 Opening of the Exhibit of Photos of Seto People Made by B.S. Skobeltsyn in 1950-s.

15.00–17.00 – Evening session 

Kalinina O.V. (St. Petersburg) Izborsk and Region in the museum research work by specialists from Russian Ethnographic Museum. 

Variksoo Е. U. (Izborsk) Several moments before tomorrow. The history of Seto families in the 20th century.

Manakov А. G. (Pskov) The dynamics of the ethnic composition of the population of Pechory district according to the census conducted between 1922-2010.

Suvorkov P.E., Busurina A.I. (Pskov) Tendencies in the settlement of Seto People in Pechory District in the 21st century (according to the results of the expedition in 2016).

Terenina N.K. (Pskov) The main methodological approaches to the evaluation of the attractiveness of cultural landscape.

Terenina N.K., Ostashenya A.A., Nikolayeva T.D., Tyabut S.M. (Pskov) Political culture as a subsystem of the regional cultural space and a regulating element of cross border cooperation. (through the example of the Pskov Region).

Distant participation in the conference

Borisov B.U. (Pskov) Correspondence between Pskov Consistory and Emperor Archaeological and District Land Use committees about the archaeological excavations, conducted by professor Shlyapkin near Truvor’s Cross and about passing over this monument to the Russian Museum (1912-1913). 

A presentation of the book

Archimandrite Alipiy (Voronov) and His Artistic Work by U.V.Mudrov and O.S.Savitskaya

In the framework of research and practical conference entitled “Izborsk and Region” we will hold  a presentation covering the book Archimandrite Alipiy (Voronov) and His Artistic Work by U.V.Mudrov and O.S.Savitskaya. 

The publication of this book is dedicated to the cherished memories of Archimandrite Alipiy (1914 - 1975) and art historian O.S.Savitskaya (1950 - 2013)

It is the first time when all the publications dedicated to the activities of Archimandrite Alipiy (Ivan Mikhailovich Voronov) in the sphere of culture and art are united into one book. It also contains descriptions and analysis of the precious artistic works from the collection of Archimandrite Alipiy which he passed over to museums. 

The appendix of the book contains the catalogue of Western European paintings from the collection of The Pskov Museum Reserve which was prepared for publication by O.S.Savitskaya in 1982 but was only published very recently. 

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