State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

5 August 2016

A wonderful period of time starts in the Seto People Homestead Museum! Vegetables and red currant are ripening in the garden. It means that it is high time to cook the best dishes of Seto People’s national cuisine!

Seto People Homestead Museum invites everybody to come and try dishes of Seto People’s national cuisine, pies and mousse. Pies can have various kinds of filling: cabbage, onion, carrot, potato, berries, apple, rhubarb... And they are always nourishing and puffy. Seto people say: “The mouth is happy when the piece of pie is big.” It is also hard to imagine Seto People’s cuisine without sweet semolina mousse.  

Moreover you will hear fascinating Seto People’s fairy tales, as well as learn about their customs and traditions!

Welcome to the cozy world of the small Kingdom of Setomaa!

If you have questions, please, call: 8(81148) 96-602 (Izborsk), 89113853461 (Sigovo village)

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