State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

31 July 2016

The exhibition, entitled “From notebooks...», dedicated to the memory of the People’s Artist of the USSR, the Full Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, an Honorary Citizen of Pskov Peter Ossovskiy (18.05.1925-01.08.2015) will open in Izborsk State Museum-Reserve in merchant Belyanin’s house on August 1, 2016.  

The exhibition will feature photos from the artist’s family archives and fragments from his notebooks where he was recording the events of his life for over 40 years. 

  Peter Ossovskiy used to travel a lot, visiting Lake Baikal, Siberia, Altai, many European countries and his travels were reflected in his notebooks, where drawings and sketches are found side by side with the account of events. A big period of the artist’s life is connected with Pskov, Izborsk, Pushkin Hills, Talabsk Islands.   

While travelling the artist not only observed but also thought a lot about life. Reading his notebooks we become participants of the creative process – unique thoughts about future paintings, their composition and colour allow us to understand how the artist used to work.

Literature and art, word and colour, pen and paintbrush always go together and enrich each other. This is characteristic for Russian culture. The artist left us over twenty of his notebooks. 

  Of course the scale of the exhibition does not allow us to display a big amount of materials, but even this chamber exhibition allows us to understand the scale of the artist and feel the power of his personality. Peter Ossovskiy - an outstanding artist, a Russian realist, our contemporary, a true enlightener and the citizen of Russia, whose art will always inspire and bring light and joy to people.   

  The exhibition will be interesting to not only artists, but also to a wide range of people, interested in Peter Ossovskiy’s way of thinking and his creative process.



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