State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

17 July 2016

The Pskov Region has long been famous for growing flax. Linen fabrics (fine cloths for making underclothes and  overclothes, lacework, canvas, ropes) used to be exported to Europe.

Flax is a sacred crop for Seto People. Numerous rites and traditions are connected with flax growing and treatment.  

Flax has been grown in Seto People's Homestead Museum for four years. This year we invite everyone to come again and see how real flax is growing, to learn about its growing and treatment and to get acquainted with the equipment used for flax cultivation.  

Welcome to visit Seto People's Homestead Museum to get bright impressions!

Please call: 8(81148) 96-602 (Izborsk), 89113853461 (Sigovo village)

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