State historical-architectural, landscape and natural museum-preserve «Izborsk»

3 June 2016

Izborsk State Museum-Reserve of History, Architecture and Land would like to express sincere gratitude to all the people who have taken part in the action "Donating to the Museum-2016”.

Thank you for your efforts in preserving the spiritual and material heritage of your ancestors and for your active participation in enlarging Izborsk museum’s collection.

All the objects which you have donated have already been or will be included into the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation.

Some of them have already become part of the museum’s exhibitions, others will be available for visitors very soon.

We are very grateful to:

- To Davidova Liudmila Vitalyevna, an artist from St.Petersburg for presenting to the museum 17 drawings of Anatoliy Zakharyevich Davidov and 7 of her own paintings.

- To Y.Bobrov and L.V.Bardovskaya from St.Petersburg for presenting a Seto People necklace which consists of 21 coins dating back to 1902-1915 and a collection of photos dating back to early 20th century.

- To sculptor Golubev Igor Vladimirovich (Belorussia) for the model of the monument to Ordin-Naschokin, an outstanding statesman of the 17th century

-To Pskov regional branch of the North Western Subdivision of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the medal, commemorating the creation of the first credit establishment in Rus in 1665.

To Semyonov Boris Alekseyevich, a Full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a member of the Artists’ Union of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg) for the painting ”The monument to Golenischev-Kutuzov”, 1985 and for the portrait of P.Vitgenshtain, 2015

-To Talis Robertovich Pumpurinsh from Cēsis History and Art Museum (Latvia) for the postcard with a portrait of a Seto woman wearing a national dress, 1939.

-To Vasilyev Vladimir Vecheslavovich (St. Petersburg) for a lithograph of the Victory Salute by N.Lyamin, 1980-s.

-To Cherkasov Sergey Borisovich from Izborsk for numerous objects such as a Soviet Army military uniform, a silver spoon, a leather purse, a tablecloth and other objects.

-To Kulik Elena Valeryevna (Pskov) for donating numerous household and agricultural implements, dishware and clothes

-To Karnysheva Valentina Viktorovna from Zarovenye village (The Pskov district) for interior items and clothes, a chest of drawers, dishware and many other objects, 176 in number.

-To Father Vladimir Georgiev, the priest of the church of St. Alexis the Man of God (Pskov) for a drawing by I.Gladun, depicting a view of Maly village, a drawing by A.Shapotkin ”Izborsk in the evening” and a painting by A.Shapotkin ”The Church of St.Sergiy and Nikandr in Izborsk”, several photos dating back to early 20th century, a coal heated iron, a writing table dating back to late 19th - early 20th century.

-To Safonova Aleksandra Mikhailovna from Pskov for homespun linen towels with embroidery and hand-made laces, dating back to the first half of the 20th century.

-To Aksyonova Tatiana Vladimirovna from Izborsk for numerous interior objects and articles of clothes, homespun linen towels with embroidery and hand-made laces, dresses and other objects.

- To Zyzina Ekaterina Alekseyevna from Izborsk for two salad dishes dating back to the second half of the 20th century.

-To Skorodilkina Liudmila Igorevna from Pechory for a 1960-s reticule.

-To Chernomorova Alena Antonovna from Izborsk for a pair of child’s boots, 1960-s

-To Yakovleva Natalia Aleksandrovna from Izborsk for numerous items of children’s clothes and several sewing spools with threads dating back to 1980-s.

-To Chernova Ludmila Ivanovna from Izborsk for a collection of dresses dating back to 1970-s-1980-s.

-To Grushina Lubov Evgenyevna from Izborsk for a photo of artist Pavel Dmitrievich Mel’nikov taken by Boris Skobeltsin in 1966 and 5 postcards dating back to 1974-1978.

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